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Plastic Parts Moldings


Plastic parts moldings range of Sino Moldings is large that we can supply various kinds of plastic parts moldings, various plastic materials, and various plastic parts moldings technologies according to customer requirements.

We are professional designing and manufacturing plastic parts moldings as below:

●     Large Plastic Components molding
       Automotive Molding
       Plastic Engineering Components Injection Molding
       Home Appliance Moldings
       Industry Usage Components Moldings

●     Small &Precision Plastic Components molding
       Medical Products Injection Molding
       Cosmetic Packaging Injection Moldings
       Mobile Phone Mouldings
       Plastic Packaging Moldings
       Transparent Plastic Part Injection Molding
       Bakelite Injection molding
       BMC Injection Molding
       Bi-color Injection Molding
       Gas-assisted Injection Moulding
       Highlight Injection Moldings
       In-Mold Labeling Molding
       In-mould Decoration Moulding

In generally, the process of plastic parts molding is similar and for over 10 years experience, we have enough technology and ability to support plastic parts production.


With Sino team strong executive capacity and enforcement power, these points have become our habits.

Plastic Parts Design and Molding Analysis

During plastic parts design, our R&D department needs to do all rounds analysis and design according to the design which is made by customer or Sino. Then Sino project department will make foreseen inspection and check on the product, for example, plastic parts molding process, plastic parts molding structure, related components situation, etc. It is important for them to analysis if we can manufacture the mould as per as the plastic parts design.  We have faith that 10 more minutes we spend on the design and molding analysis, one month may be reduced in production.

Plastic Molds Design

With precise analysis, foreseeing rationality analysis for Plastic Moulds design, best processing analysis and Plastic Moulds structure application, it offers the most professional solutions with the most suitable Plastic Moulds performance and technical specification as customer required.
We finish mold design by using professional MOLD FLOW software, analyze injection process, gate assignment, temperature control, cooling time, etc., improve mould design, and settle design blind.

Plastic Moulds Manufacturing 

Mould manufacturing is important to the whole procedure, project department needs to prepare steel and purchase related component. Project manager is in charge of outline process, rough machining, precision machining, machine process, colliding and assembly, polish, assembly inspection, molding test. During this procedure, sales should require project manager offer process photos for every stage in order to keep the high quality of plastic part moldings.

Plastic Parts Dimension Checking

Through molding test, we produce plastic parts. It is important for us to check plastic parts dimension. We need to check if the plastic parts dimension is suitable to the design dimension or 2D drawing. Especially, to some exterior trim parts; it is very important to check whether the parts match with its mating parts.

Plastic Parts QC

QC department inspects product after checking plastic parts dimension. It makes full range inspection and analysis on product size, appearance, injection process and physical performance. For different product, we have different inspection standard and inspection tool. In lab, we make different testing for product bearing pressure, impulse loading, tensile strength, impact resistance, and so on. QC department submits detailed opinions on improving rejected product. We have abundant experience, and apply to plastic part moldings production, so as to offer perfect plastic parts moldings for more customers. Along with the continuous improvement of equipment, our product inspection has become more professional. The company plans to buy more measuring equipment in 2010, and provide better inspection service.

Molded Plastic Parts Surface Treatment

To keep molded plastic parts having a good shape or according to the customer requirement, Sino Moldings will supply various ranges of plastic parts surface treatment service. Our service includes plastic surface printing treatment service, plastic surface metal effects processing service, plastic surface painting treatment service, IML and IMD manufacturing service.

Finished Plastic Components Packaging & Shipment

According to order documents, customer requirement and company standard, we will make strict inspection and plastic components packaging before the shipment.

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