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Sino Mould is one of the leading China Plastic Mold Making Company in China with more than 15 years of experience in Chinese molds making services and supplies in extensive industries like electronics, home appliance, agriculture, and so on.
For top quality plastic injection mold, come to SINOMOULD which is an advanced Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer and Supplier Company in China.
Sino Molding offer plastic parts surface treatment,plastic UV painting and plastic chrome plating service.Plastic Parts Surface treatment is including plastic UV painting,PU painting and plastic chrome plating.
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China Plastic Moldings Manufacturer


China Sino plastic moldings offer plastic molding solutions. They are one of the top plastic moldings suppliers in China. It has top standard and highly specialized workshops for every step in plastic part moldings process. The professional facility ensures high efficiency and high precision for your investment.
Sino Plastic Moldings is equipped with 21 sets of Plastic Moldings Machines. Few of the machines used at China Sino Mold are mentioned as below:

  •  FCS high speed plastic moldings machine AF 300 2 sets AF 400 2 sets
  •  LG 1800 TON and LG 2800TON servo 2 plates plastic moldings machine
  •  DKM Servo Motor plastic moldings machine, which is from 180TON to 1080TON 15 sets
At China Sino Plastic Moldings, it is firmly believed that improvement must always be made to whatever is being done. Hence, a clear cut plan for the future improvements has been laid out by them. A glimpse of this plan is as follows:
  • Investment in a 4500TON LG machine for mold processing
  • Two sets of Angle rob shot high speed machine especially for precision plastic moldings
Molded Components assembling and packaging workshop for plastic moldings:

Sino plastic molding has placed 5 working lines for assembling the final product. The reasonable container loading workshop is where the designs are made. The container loading here is much easier and safe. High efficient operation ensures the lowest delivery time for any kind of order.

Dust Free plastic moldings workshop:
The workshop is combined with a 1200 square meter dust free plastic molding workshop. It is especially prepared for precise plastic moldings, medical plastic moldings, cosmetic plastic moldings and other high speed automatic plastic moldings.


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