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Plastic Moldings process

Plastic mouldings process is talking for China plastic mouldings which offered by Sino Plastic Moldings so much experience of plastic moldings process.
There are six major types of plastic moldings process:
1. Injection plastic mouldings process
Injection plastic mouldings process is by far the most widely used process of forming thermoplastic materials. It is also one of the oldest. Currently injection moulding accounts for 30% of all plastics resin consumption. Since raw material can be converted by a single procedure, injection moulding is suitable for mass production of plastics articles and automated one-step production of complex geometries. In most cases, finishing in not necessary. Typical products include toys, automotive parts, household articles, and consumer electronics goods.

2.Blowing plastic mouldings process
 Blowing plastic mouldings process is a manufacturing process by which hollow plastic parts are formed. Blow moulding can be carried out either on an extruder or a reciprocating-screw injection machine. This technique is widely used for the manufacture of bottles, the parison may previously have been injection molded and oriented to provide additional strength to the final blow piece.

3.Gas-Assisted injection plastic moldings process
 Gas-assisted plastic mouldings process is more critical in terms of process control, especially for multi-cavity applications. The quality of the part is determined by both tool and process variables such as degree of under-fill, gas injection condition, and mold temperature, thus indicating the importance of process control. The process is attracting many molders due to the demand for highly automated production of gas-assisted injection molded parts.

4.Extrusion plastic moldings process
In the extrusion plastic mouldings process, polymer is propelled continuously along a screw through region of high temperature and pressure where it is melted and compacted, and finally forced through a die shaped to give the final object. Extrusion is used to make three main types of products: standard profile shapes such as rod, pipe, sheet, and irregular cross sections; wire and cable as a protective coating; film.

5.Plastic foam injection moldings process
Plastic foams can be defined as plastic materials that contain at least two phases: a solid polymer matrix and a gaseous phase. The production cost of foamed plastic products can be significantly reduced since the material cost can constitute up to 70% of the total cost of a plastic product.

6.Rotational plastic moldings process
Rotational plastic mouldings process is a unique plastics moulding process that is ideally suited to production of hollow parts. The process is based on the heating and cooling of a biaxially rotating mould that defines the shape of the required part.

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