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Sino Mould is one of the leading China Plastic Mold Making Company in China with more than 15 years of experience in Chinese molds making services and supplies in extensive industries like electronics, home appliance, agriculture, and so on.
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Sino Molding offer plastic parts surface treatment,plastic UV painting and plastic chrome plating service.Plastic Parts Surface treatment is including plastic UV painting,PU painting and plastic chrome plating.
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Plastic Components Molding Ranges

Sino Moldings Co. is a leader in Chinese mold and machine manufacturer. Sino Moldings reply on its unremitting effort, realizing a Turn-key project, from product design, mould design, molding, and mould assembling to surface treatment. And the plastic component molding ranges are as follows:
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic injection molding is mainly used in thermoplastic plastic parts production. Sino Moldings Co. relies on its unremitting effort, realizing a turnkey project, from product design, mould design, injection molding, and mould assembling to superficial treatment.
Usually, the injection molding is just applicable for the thermoplastic plastic parts production. However, the plastic produced by injection molding is very extensive, plastic component molding suppliers, Sino Moldings ranging from house hold items to different kinds of complex machinery, appliance, transport tool component, pharmaceuticals industry…
List of plastic components molding ranges
  •  Pet perform
  •  Cap/ closure
  •  Test tube
  •  I-M-L
  •  PVC, PPR, PP, and PE fitting system
  •  Automotive parts
  •  Home appliance parts
  •  Crate
  •  Chair and table series
  •  House hold items

Plastic Blowing Molding
Plastic blowing molding can be divided into three classes: injection blowing molding, extrusion blowing molding and rotor molding. Plastic component molding suppliers – Sino Moldings has adopted microcomputer and solid state control system. Our company Sino Moldings will give you product design which blends into modern design philosophy and design tools. Our engineers integrate modern thinking and experience into production, to improve efficiency of every link. Plastic component molding suppliers Sino Moldings applied plastic blowing molding involved car industry, office equipment, house hold items…

Plastic Extrusion Molding
Plastic component molding suppliers Sino Moldings adopt advanced CAD/CAM and process technology. We have established extensive cooperation relationship with many extrusion manufacturers with foreign countries. Our company Sino Moldings commits itself to create value to our customers and spare no efforts to provide a fine solution and excellent service.
List of plastic components molding ranges:
  •  Board die
  •  Sheet die
  •  Film die
  •  Casting die
  •  Laminating die
  •  XPS die
  •  PVC form die
  •  Metering pump
  •  Hollow grid plate die
  •  Quick screen change
  •  Composite die
  •  Metering- layer co-extrusion
  •  Feedback spinning dies

Plastic Vacuum Thermoforming
Plastic vacuum thermoforming is the most commonly molding method of plastic packaging container. Plastic component molding supplier Sino Moldings can produce the minimum product is package for troche, of cause we can produce large product, the thickness of the molding material can range from 0.05-15mm. and for the expanded material, it can be reached to 60mm. now we have exported our vacuum thermoforming product to many countries, such as Mexico, Europe, America, Brazil… List of plastic components molding ranges:
  •  Toy
  •  Car industry
  •  Cosmetic
  •  Pharmaceuticals industry
  •  Stationery sports goods
  •  House appliance

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