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Medical Plastic Waste Containers Molding China, Injection Equipments, Disposable Syringes, Blood Tube & Measuring Cup Moldings

China Plastic Molding deals with medical molding services. It has set up a dust free workshop to ensure the production requirement of medical devices. We provide our customers with turnkey medical devices production solution, including medical devices mould development, medical devices injection molding, surface treatment, assembly.

China Plastic Molding medical plastic products mainly including:

Although these products are relatively simple, their technical details and requirements of the production environment need to be taken care of. They must be with high precision between the plastic parts. Unlike requirements for normal products, medical products usually have other requirements during the production due to its special medical usage. These are discussed below:

1)      Dust Free Workshop: To meet the customers’ requirements and the medical industry cleanliness level standards, (GMP certification standards), the first basic requirement is high standard dust free workshop production environment.
2)      Special Injection Machine for Medical Plastic Products:Regarding the medical special injection machine, the most critical point is to meet the demanding conditions of cleanliness, seek the shortest molding cycle to ensure that medical products have high-precision, stable quality, are stable and reliable. If any one point cannot meet the requirements, it will weaken the competitiveness of customers.
3)      High Precision and Long Service Life Medical Plastic Product Molds: Such products are assembled by a number of precision parts, so the plastic components are required with high precision. The moulds also should be with high precision, controlled within small tolerances to ensure the stability of the size and shape. On the other hand, the mould should be well designed, developed with good quality material, thus to meet the requirement of long service life due to its high production capacity.


Medical Blood Tube Molding     Medical Blood Tube Moulds
        Medical Blood Tube Molding                             Medical Blood Tube Moulds

Medical Container Molding    Medical Measuring Cup Molding

       Medical Measuring Cup Molding                        Medical Container Molding

Medical Petri Dish Molding    Medical Disposable Vaginal Speculum Molding
             Medical Petri Dish Molding                        Disposable Vaginal Speculum

Medical Transportblister      Medical Disposable Syringe Molding
              Medical Transportblister                     Medical Disposable Syringe Molding

Medical Plastic Containers Molding       Medical Waste Containers Molding

     Medical Plastic Containers Molding                 Medical Waste Containers Molding

Medical Dental Equipment Molding               Medical Equipment Molding
Medical Dental Equipment Molding                                  Medical Equipment Molding

   Medical Monitor Molding               Medical Lab Equipment

            Medical Monitor Molding                                        Medical Lab Equipment
Ultrasound Scanner Molding         Infant Phototherapy

          Ultrasound Scanner Molding                               Infant Phototherapy Molding
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