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One of Sino Molding focuses is the leading
large plastic components molding. We manufacture large plastic component moulds such as automotive components, refrigerator panels, air conditioner bezels, washing machine tubs, miniature car refrigerators, computer monitor plastic enclosures, TV shells, automotive bumpers, instrument panels, trim panels, industrial garbage bin molding, pallets, crates, tables and chairs. Sino Moldings can provide our customers not only the injection molding service almost for any large plastic components, but also provide a turnkey project solution from large components design to large components molding and assembly.

Large plastic components molding---Large plastic components injection molding machine units.

The injection machine must be suitable for the large plastic components. The injection machine should be big enough to match with large plastic component mould. And the IMM parameter such as injection speed, the ejector stroke, and clamping tonnage should be mated with large plastic component mould.

Large plastic components molding units

a. Good tooling equipment for Large plastic components mould - Our large variety of equipments allows us to manufacture products for almost any plastic mould application. We have precise tooling equipments: Sodick EDM, Sodick wire cutting, 5 axis high speed milling machine, Gun drilling machine, CNC milling center from Germany, High speed CNC milling center from Italy and Germany and so on.

b. Good design for Large plastic components mould - Sino mould is capable of producing customized large plastic component molding products in all types of engineering grade resins with close-tolerance specifications with superior quality and aesthetics. We carry various design software programs to ensure we can assist you using most of today's programs.

c. Better connect in large plastic components molding - Because of the specificity of the large plastic components molding, how plastic material connect better is an important processing.

*Use skillful molding technology and combine manufacturing process
*Connect components in the mold
*Solid foundation (precise equipments)
*Good cooling system in large plastic components molding

Because of the particularity of large plastic components, the cooling system is very important. The large plastic components have large molding area which needs more cooling way to make it fast molding. Therefore, good cooling system can shorten the molding cycle of large plastic components.

By working with our partners with sincere cooperation, our application team can help you reduce the injection molding cycle. For each project, we usually work as following steps:

*Analyze the cycle time of whole system (the whole system including injection machine, mould, automation technique, auxiliary equipment and raw material.
*Have predictive analysis  
*Give advice and make suggestions
*Running and evaluating analysis
*Production site support and problem solve
*Check and test

Comprehensive mold projects, high speed precise equipments, rigorous quality controlling processing gives you all you need.  

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