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In-mould decoration mouldings

IMD is the short saying for In Mold Decoration.
IMD ----In mold decoration is a new panel processing injection molding technology. Now it becomes a hot plate technology. It has changed the rigid flat-panel model, development to the film and print graphics, logo printing ink and resin into a three-panel molding combined with a new model.
IMD is to insert the printed film in the mould cavities during molding the plastic parts. In this way, the printed content can be well protected from friction or scuff. As it is inserted molding, the shape and size can keep stable, thus easy for assembling. So In Mold Decoration molding technology is extended applied in the automotive industry, communication, electronics, electronic appliances, instruments, instrument panel industry.
IMD (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) molding product feature
  • Exquisite decorative graphics, logos will not disappear due to friction or chemical.
  •  Graphic, logo and color design can be changed at any time, instead replacing the mold.
  •  Three-dimensional shape of the products can be printed by high precision, with tolerance of 0.05mm.
  •  Provide graphics, back light and high light transmittance window effect.
  •  Function keys are with smooth surfaces and durability.
IMD/IML (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) molding applications
  •  IMD/IML (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) molding applied in Appliance industry: rice cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators and other control decorative pane
  •  IMD/IML (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) molding applied in Electronics Industry: MP3, MP4, calculators, VCD, DVD, electronic organizers, digital cameras and other decorative shell ,display
  •  IMD/IML (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) molding applied in Automotive Industry: dashboard, air conditioning panel, interior trim, headlight housings, signs, etc.
  •  IMD/IML (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) molding applied in Computer industry: keyboard, mouse, side shell;
  •  IMD/IML (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) molding applied in Communications industry: mobile phone keypad, cell phone lens, mobile phone color shell, fixed telephone and PHS panel, window lens;
  •  IMD/IML (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) molding applied in Other industry: medical devices, cosmetics boxes, decorative boxes, toys, sports and so on.

IMD (In Mold Decoration/In Mold Labeling) Molding technology development prospects
  •  Currently, IMD injection-mold decoration technology is widely used in communications, home appliances, and electronics, automotive, instrumentation, equipment, medical devices, toys, cosmetics and other industries, is a new technology of plastic decoration.
  •  IMD technology not only realize the integration of injection molding, decorative, also can make a variety of special effects, such as: key convex bubble, metal mirror surface, or matt surface, metal lines, back light transmission, and so on.
  •  IMD technology is the best new alternative of spray paint, plating to plastics. It reduces subsequent processing operations after plastic molding. In the plastics industry, It can realize energy saving, environmental significance, and bring enormous social and economic efficiency and environmental benefits.
Sino Mould is professional for in mold decoration, in mold labeling appliances in various industries. Come to us, if you want perfect decorated plastic parts.


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