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Bottle crate mold is very popular in plastic injected market as drink and wine transportation had big demand for it. And for better injection, hot runner system application will has short cycle time and crate after molding will have nice appearance.
1.Better injection
Normally, 12 bottles crate and 24 bottle crate need multi-tip hot runner system as multi-nozzles material will fulfill the mold cavity immediately. And take advantage of hot runner manifold, tips hot runner bottle crate mould also plays a direct impact role.
2.Improve bottle crate pass percent
Hot runner system will greatly solve the normally crate molding problem, such as, shrinkage problem, dent mark and so on. It will make the bottle crate with nice appearance since the material will have a optimal flowing.
3.Save material
Compare with cold runner system, hot runner system crate mold will short the runner material and it will save the cost. And the left material in nozzle, after temperature heating again, the injection gate material will transfer into heating material for injection. This way is greatly save the material and production cost.
bottle crate mold
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