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Highlight Injection Moldings

Highlight injection moldings are widely used in DVD, DMR, BD, BR, PDVD player surface plate, LCD TV, LCD computer monitor, LCD Auto monitor, air conditioner, auto interior trim parts, Optics Instrument, Communications instrument, Medical industry and so on.

Highlight injection moldings has high requirement of mold technical, plastic raw material and mold temperature control technical.

Mold technical, we should consider mold design and mold steel:

1. Mold design should consider high temperature, suitable water channel, assembling. Highlight injection molding is the technical using hot water or steaming, the mold should have an isostatic channel for heating. After the plastic injection machine eject the plastic parts, hot water should go through into mold to heating a certain temperature of highlight injection mold, then the plastic raw material injected, the high-temperature water should be go out of the mold and cooling water go through into mold after finished plastic injected and holding press for cooling. the water channel should make sure heating and cooling fastly and keep mold temperature even, Usually designed the water channel near to cavity and according to plastic parts shape, add the insulating layer in the back side or using insulate gate decreased Weld lines, So that it is good for air venting.

2. Mold steel is very important because of the mold should bear hot and cold water every shot, and mould surface finish should high polish. So that the mold steel should have high hardness, good polish effect and minimum deformation, Such as S420, S136 from ASSAB, NAK80.

If the plastic raw material is flame Retardants highlight material, the mold steel need corrosion resistance, it is better use steel S136SUP or the same standard steel.

Plastic raw material and mold temperature control technical

Plastic raw material, In order to realize the adaptability of free - spraying alloy high light injection moldings, We should choose high light plastic raw material which required good Liquidity, abrasion resistance, heat stability. Especially for flame Retardants material, increase its heat stability and reduce volatiles can avoid mold abrasion and decrease flog forming on the plastic part surface.

At present, TV plate mainly used raw material PMMA/ABS, PC/ABS or high light ABS. Among them, ABS hardness is the lowest, PMMA/ABS hardness is the highest. High light PMMA/ABS can be made half-transparent effect to realize high shinning surface and LED perspective function.
Mold temperature control technical is also a key point to realize highlight injection moldings forming. There are many temperature control technical:

1. The temperature control machine with oil heating. The mold temperature can keep a certain temperature, it is convenience for using and saving cost. It mainly use for the product which required common surface finished.

2. Steaming heating technical. The mold can reach very high temperature with steaming heating technical, so weld lines do not exist and it can increase high light moldings surface hardness at the same time.

3. Electric heating technical. The mold can reach high temperature by electric heating, and then lower the mold temperature below 50 degree within 30 seconds. This technical is widely used for home application cover forming.

4. Other mold temperature control technical. High frequency electromagnetic induction heating system, infrared radiation heating system are also using in highlight injection molding system.
With the development of the market, highlight injection molding technical will be use more and more widely, and will develop together with plastic raw material, mold, injection machine and molding technical improving.


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