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Sino Mould is one of the leading China Plastic Mold Making Company in China with more than 15 years of experience in Chinese molds making services and supplies in extensive industries like electronics, home appliance, agriculture, and so on.
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Custom Plastic Molding

Sino Molding offers our clients a custom molding solution:

Sino custom molding provide following services for you:

• Sino custom molding provide a step by step process from part design to part production
•Sino custom molding develop quicker to market approaches in the design stage
• Sino custom molding offer advice on manufacturability of the product
• Sino custom molding assist in material selection based on performance  requirements
• Sino custom molding act as a one stop shop from prototype to final production
• Sino custom molding provide warehousing and distribution services as needed

Sino custom molding- concept

Whatever your idea is simple or complex, we can help you start, whatever you are looking for cost savings on your existing product ,or have a creative idea, we can make it happen for you!

Sino custom molding-design

No matter what your application, our professional engineer will help you create the exact look, feel, and dimensions of your ideal parts.  By using the latest CAD software, we can easily make changes to be sure the part will meet your specifications. Our engineers will lead the design into production by ensuring high quality molds and tools are created and that the production process develops the best custom plastic molding parts for your needs.

Sino custom molding-prototype

Your concept will come to “life” as it is transformed into a 3-D image. you can digitally view the entire part from any perspective.

Sino custom molding-production

Quality and immediate delivery are what we promise to our customer. We’ll provide you with a first class product that will stay within your budget. After your product is finished, the service doesn’t stop there. We can ensure that parts can be ordered at any time, at any quantity you choose. We will continue to work with you to ensure that your product is continuously made with the quality and care that is needed for continued success. We can also accommodate other special needs such as packaging, finishing operations, and much more.

Allow us the opportunity to review your requirements and provide a proposal, we are here to help grow your business!


Custom Molding