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BMC/SMC Injection Molding

Sino BMC mould Co., Ltd, professional china BMC moldings supplier, mainly devoted in BMC injection molding, BMC moulds, SMC injection molding and SMC/BMC molding services. With BMC injection molding solution, Sino BMC mould has accumulated good reputations from our customers in different countries. BMC injection molding products mainly ranges in following sections: BMC injection molding in automotive industry, BMC injection molding in transportations, sanitary series, electronic appliance, building, and sports and so on. All these are due to BMC superior performance:

• BMC injection molding parts dimension stability
• Higher mechanical strength of BMC/DMC than other thermoplastic materials in stretching, bending strength, etc.
• Superior heat resistance property, BMC material can tong-timely work under 130 degree
• Good resistance to aging, usually BMC can keep strength more than 60% after 10 years outside using
• Good electrical performance

To get high quality SMC/BMC injection molds, SMC/BMC injection molding service?

1. 3D SMC/BMC parts design, SMC/BMC parts molding analysis for custom BMC moulds

With customer provided SMC/BMC part samples, Sino product design team will accord customers’ requirements to prepare 3D SMC/BMC part design. We not only to make design just based on SMC/BMC samples, but also checking SMC/BMC parts carefully and offer suggestions to SMC/BMC part modifications if we have. For instance, for SMC/BMC parts, we will check SMC/BMC part stacking for convenient customer packing, SMC/BMC part structure if have effect for SMC/BMC mould design preparations and so on.

2. BMC mould design analysis, BMC mould technical meeting

When we got BMC parts 3D model or BMC part design confirmation approval from our customer, we will hold one technical meeting with all related engineers for BMC mould design analysis and avoid BMC mould design shortcomings on BMC tooling problems.

For example, during BMC mould design analysis meeting, we will mention out BMC mould parting line decision, de-moulding angle setting, BMC mould heating method whether it is oil heating, electronic heating or water heating which depend on BMC injection molding temperature, BMC injection moulds surface treatments, customer’s special requirement, BMC material and it’s MFI… We will contact our customers if there is any question or any problem.

After BMC mould design ready, our BMC mould design quality controlling departments will inspection BMC mould designs, including BMC injection system, BMC heating system, BMC de-moulding system, BMC customer special requirements…With everything ready, BMC mould design will forward to customer for approval.

3. BMC injection molds manufacturing

With BMC mould design approval from customer, we will start with BMC mould steel cutting, and based on BMC products, our engineer will work out BMC mould manufacturing technology.

During BMC machining, our quality department will check BMC mould machine precision with BMC mould cavity/core with CMM measuring machines. We will continue following machine steps only tooling tolerance meet with requirements.

4. BMC injection molding, BMC injection parts

BMC injection molding machine barrel and mould temperature need satisfied BMC lowest limit. Usually BMC injection mould needs control between 135-185 degrees. When BMC injection, in order reduce glass component destroy, screw rotational speed better choose lower value, usually it is 20~50r/ min, and due to BMC material dynamic viscosity, BMC injection better choose back pressure with 1.4-2 Mpa.


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