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Bi-injection molding

Sino Mold has more than 7 years of experience in bi color injection molding, multi color injection molding and several over molding techniques in the production line from professional product design to several other mold designs.
  •  Bi-color injection Molding Applications: Two colored products, two colors or materials by bi injection molding technique
  •  Multi color injection molding applications: Multi colored products, three or more colors or materials, by a single or more three colors injection  machine.
  •  Over Mold (two shot) injection molding applications: Two different material components, either obvious or inconspicuous.

The methods using which the molds are produced are given as follows:

1) Product Design: For the design of any product, three things need to be analyzed first – a) the product structure, b) the product use and c) the product’s plastic. The compatibility of the two kinds of plastics selected should be very less. In case it is more, it will cause difficulties at the time of injection molding. Few examples of these combinations are PP+TPE, ABS+AC, CA+EVA, etc.
2) Mold Design: For analyzing the injection gate, runner balance, products deformation analysis and the air venting of the mold, software known as MOLDFLOW is being used. Advanced mold designs used a 180 degree rotation system to achieve best results.
3) Mold Production: Precise tooling equipments are used for the production of molds. These equipments are high speed CNC, wire cutting machine, SODIK EDM, CMM detecting instruments, etc. After the mold goes through each machine, a quality check is done to ensure that the dimensions of the mold are not beyond tolerance level.
4) Product packaging and shipping

The advantages of double color injection molding, multi color injection and over molding:

  •  Reduce part cost
  •  Improves beautification appearance and product integrity
  • Increase production quantity
  • Savings the cost of production, handling and assembly
  • Higher quality fabrication
  • Reduce secondary operations
  • Reduce product features and appeal
  • Multi-color, multi-material, and multi-component
  • Drop protection
  • Vibration and noise dampening and isolation
The application of Double color injection, multi-color injection, over molding:
  • Soft touch handles, grips
  • Car lights
  • Toothbrush and other components
  • Multi-color buttons, switches and knobs
  • Movable segments or components
  • Water shield and protection
  • Caps and enclosures
  • Plastic toys
  • Back-lit buttons, dials and other instrumentation products
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