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Sino Molding Co. can provide all kinds of Bakelite fittings ranging from home appliance, lamp holder, socket switch, car machinery to kitchen ware. We can offer one-stop service system for our customers: product design, mould design, molding, surface treatment and high quality after sale service.
Product design, mould design and mould processing are the key to produce high quality Bakelite. However, to produce the Bakelite, it must be equipped with advanced technology. Now Sino Moldings Co. has the ability to produce the product of superior quality and good appearance with excellent injection technology.
With many years experience of Bakelite, we conclude the Bakelite industry as follows:
Bakelite injection molding process, progress and its property:
1. Bakelite injection molding process
Bakelite is a kind of thermosetting plastic, its basic composition is phenolic resin. The molding progress including: put the raw material into injection molding machine barrel, heating the barrel and at the same time machine screw rotating, make the raw material plasticized into molten state, then under the push force of the screw, the raw material inject into the mould cavity. Bakelite will have cross-linking reaction, finally solidification. After the product molded, we open the mould and ejector the product.

2. Bakelite injection molding process property
Bakelite must be melted in certain temperature, making it in best molding process state with good condition and good flow ability. Bakelite has good thermo stability, it can keep more than 10 mins under the temperature 120℃. Bakelite will have best flow ability under the temperature 85-100℃, the material can keep in barrel for 20 mins.

(2)Suggestion on barrel temperature setting
The temperature setting in two sections of barrel : front section 90-95℃, middle section 80-90 ℃, back section 70-80 ℃.we can adjust the temperature in front section to reach the raw material in best flow ability.
(3)Injection pressure and speed
As the raw material melted fully, it has good flow ability. it makes easy to fill the cavity fully without high pressure. Thus the load on machine reduced, generally 60kg can meet the demands. The raw material rub speedily between nozzle, runner, gate and mould, it will cause high temperature and aggravate the wear to screw and barrel. Especially single proportional control injection, high pressure and high speed will have serious influence on screw and mould, so the injection speed cannot be so fast. Too slow will affect the efficiency, so it is also not very suggestive. Generally, it depends on product size and gate type, tries to control the speed in 10-25g/s.
(4) Mould temperature and holding time:
Inject Bakelite should with high molding speed, always it can meet its demands under 170℃. Holding time generally chooses 14s/mm and it, and the time will increase less when the product thickness increased. Usually, the cycle is 60-80s.
The representative molding method for some common Bakelite The next table show Bakelite’s injection molding craft that serial kinds of Bakelite we commonly used , because of that the injection moulding craft will decided by the Bakelite grade and produced company , the followings is just for your reference .


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