China Plastic Molding

China Plastic Molding can offer you full range insulated container from 2L to 150L, and lots of insulated container styles can be chosen which are exported to all over the world.

Insulated Containers Product Features
1. Refrigerated insulated containers not only can frozen, but also heat, clean,  non-toxic, anti-collision.
2.  Insulated Containers can be used for food and beverage, sports, fishery, animal husbandry, medicine, biology, detection industry cold-chain transport. According to user requirements the materials can be frozen in the insulated container under -2 degrees to 10 degrees temperature and achieve a certain period of time; Also insulated container can be used for heating fast food such as Pizza.
3. Insulated Container are also very suitable for day-to-day driving trip, to carry, frozen, fresh meat and other dairy foods and beverages, or insulation hot meals and so on.
4. Our Insulated Container is composed with Insulated box body and insulating energy box, which are made by high performance material. Our insulated Container with two special patent technologies which allow for cooling and heating, Our insulated container is environmental friendly.

Insulated Container Usage
Cooling: put the insulated container energy box in the refrigerator horizontally for 10 hours, and then put it back to insulated container. The insulated container energy box should be put above the      food, fruit or drinks, and then cover tightly. Under the normal circumstances, the insulated container temperature will keep under 15 degrees for 20 hours.
Warming: put the insulated energy box in the wave ,heating for 120 seconds until temperature reaching 60-70 degrees, and then put it back to the insulated box. The insulated container energy box should be put under the food or drinks, and then cover tightly. The insulated container temperature will keep above 40 degrees around 6 hours.

The insulated energy box can be recyclable used.
The insulated energy box continuous heating time cannot be longer than 120 second. 

2L Insulated Container   5L insulated Container
             2L Insulated Container                                 5L insulated Container

6L insulated Container   8L insulated container

              6L insulated Container                                    8L insulated container
11L insulated container   12L insulated container

              11L insulated container                                12L insulated container
15L insulated container   17L insulated container

              15L insulated container                              17L insulated container
20L insulated container    22L insulated container

          20L insulated container                                     22L insulated container
24L insulated container     27L insulated container

          25L insulated container                                   27L insulated container

28L insulated container    30L insulated container

              28L insulated container                              30L insulated container 
35L insulated container     40L insulated container

             35L insulated container                               40L insulated container
52L insulated container     60L insulated container

            52L insulated container                                60L insulated container
70L insulated container     150L insulated container

             70L insulated container                                150L insulated container 
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